“When free men have been milling about….

The Truth can match wits with anyone!


My Michelle tells me that a Parisian journalist wrote a small article about our Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert of our INK Smudges Family Foundation visiting a Grenoble computer science think tank and then visited the University of Paris two weeks past [it is May 11.] She said she copied it and sent it in an email.  I’ll look at my email now.

Michelle and her friend Maria and their daughters will visit several music schools later this summer.

Daily Mail

We’re still doing it the same way — just three times as fast!

These early submarines unfortunately were not flown by HAL 9000 workstations.  I’m not going to test my AMD 5000 series ‘Net ripper workstation and photo-like Philips display by throwing them off of a three story building and I’m sure they’re faster than an ex-President’s HAL 9000 workstation. AND my hundred dollar a year subscription to the Washington Post and New Yorker are even more tech oriented than a two pound a day subscription to the London Times premium edition.

Now here is the funny part of my comment – my kiosk is free!



Some ladies from the women’s group “femme” in Ukraine by what I call a ‘New York Times broadcaster’ told me in 2010 that the Klitschko brothers – the champion boxers – were the most popular Ukrainian politicians but I note I still cannot hear them after all this time. I notice however that they are the mayor of Kiev.

On April 25 there is the important rumor in the Euro presse that Interpol has intercepted neutron weapons being smuggled into Ukraine. Russia told the U.S. before the fighting began that if they were bombed with nuclear weapons from anywhere they were going to shoot the U.S. with nuclear weapons.  The Euro Union is asking their members to not let their territory be used for transport of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Another rumor I have heard is that the Russians discovered a warehouse in Poland with about 10,000 high powered computer workstations.  They are said to have turned the electricity off in the city and then absconded with about 9,000 of the workstations.  So what would a government do with all those workstations.  If the government relied solely on mainframes it would only take two or three attacks to put the government off line.  But in one had a couple of workstations in an Internet network in several thousand homes as long as the Internet was working the computer services of the government would be available even if a few hundred homes were damaged and the government could have considerable time to replace the missing workstations in the network.

On May 25 I note there is a report in the Washington Post that was formerly restricted by the military. They [the military] estimate that the Russians have been maintaining a blockade of food and other commodities in an out of Ukraine.  This morning I have heard that Russian radio is reporting Kiev has fallen because they [the Russians] are maintaining a food embargo into Kiev.  Then the host stated that Russia feels they can do the same to Warsaw and Helsinki when they wish. A lot of us feel that NATO played improperly and led Ukraine into a more recognizable untenable position with a cost of lives and property as a result.

I’m a Church lady and am I ever glad we finally have a Supreme Court that believes in God.  I never wanted or want to be told I have to have an abortion.

Now what about my pocket book.  I don’t see how I’m ever going to buy computers for both Massachusetts and Berkeley.

[[Oh, look!  My sons have renamed my website to //  My sons have a similarly named website nightdeskkiosk then a domain marker.]]

You might be wondering where ‘Irony and Absurdity’ went.  My Megan Marie is drawing a cartoon called “Irony Loves Absurdity.”

Megan Marie and her mother Michelle are maintaining websites named “Ink Smudges” and “Blue Cinnamon’s Thursday.” Megan Marie publishes her cartoons with her mother Michelle on Blue Cinnamon’s Thursday ( in French since I’m told PEI is French first like Quebec.) The Quebec Faith and Writers’ Guild has offered them admission. Megan Marie assists her mother Michelle who is a Deaconess conduct homily Mass on Saturday mornings.

Megan Marie’s grandmother is a PhD psychologist and a really nice lady.  Megan Marie hopes to be a psychologist someday and hopes to write about the things she has witnessed happening to her father.

[Megan Marie (flute), Steven Matthew (clarinet) and Lynn Robert (piano) are an accomplished jazz band I might add.]

My Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert chase the bandits that try to hit my computer.  [[ My sons have started another website as well – .  They intend to present features of interesting news such as comes into a news media throughout the night, opinion and humor [[ like their column “gun check.” ]] ]] My Lynn Robert is 15 and his brother Steven Matthew is 13.  They have been reading professional documentation for several years already.  Mother Michelle’s friends have a computer services company and they advocate ECC memory for your equipment especially on the Internet. They have everything optimized and they catch “snowballs” from someone trying to hit my computer which they analyze.  They are junior Interpol Internet security agents already and Interpol has legal suits against a couple of groups. [My sons say that since I am always making my workstation available to them that I am an honorary Interpol Internet Security Agent!!!] They are accomplished at programming in Qt to which Linux is being converted.  When I get updates now frequently they are written in Qt5. Most Unix OS’s which are used on the Internet are written in C programming language.

My sons are announcing April 15 that their workstation ‘netripper1’ has the best Internet benchmarks on the Linux Foundation benchmarks.  They have a 200 meg Internet line, two channel Internet, two core turbo and a 4.3 GHz 12 core AMD 5000 series CPU and a Sapphire Pulse 6800xt synced with a Philips 329P1 display [bench-marked after switching to HDMI 2.0 at 30+ GB/sec and 512 million colors and Philips Fidelio X3 headphones meeting specs at 9 Hz to 29,000+ Hz on USB from our ‘Net Rippers to an ASUS U7 MK II](After getting our equipment to start baking on HDMI we switched back to ‘displayport’ and on 1.4 specifications with proper new cable we are running 46 GB/sec and 1 billion colors. Our Philips Fidelio x3 headphones are running 12 Hz to 31,000 Hz at 131 snr on a SoundBlaster X7 using a Rosewill USB cable with gold plating for input which gives my ‘Net ripper fantastic media.) which makes their Net ripper faster than their father’s [me] netripper0. (Actually I misheard my sons.  We were only getting 34 GB/sec bandwidth on the displayport connector while we started up the baking process and we have put our HDMI 2.1 cable back in place and now we are getting 48 GB/sec and a billion colors and it  only took about an hour and a half to bake this time instead of two or three days. Our Philips Fidelio X3 headphones and  SoundBlaster X7 baked that quickly as well and after a reboot I am getting 12 Hz to 31,000 Hz and 134 snr.)

I am sitting around and daydreaming about poems I will write someday.

While I have been daydreaming Michelle and her sidekick Megan Marie have won recognition from the Church for a Christian spirited poem they have written.  Our family foundation INK Smudges Family Foundation has won recognition for the websites they are sponsoring and in which they are publishing.  Thanks guys – you’re great.

So Star Trek is a huge world-wide phenomena.  I have some nominees for shows and movies that are a lot more plausible which I hope to add to my collection as well over the next year – “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “Wild, Wild West” and “The Avengers.”

I suggested to you some time back that you try hot chocolate and tea for your breakfast latte if you are a tea drinker rather than coffee as I am.  I wanted to tell you that I think some of the herbal teas are good for a latte as well.  For instance hot chocolate and St John’s wort tea or mint tea are good and they are very relaxing.


La Croix

I wrote this poem then asked for support and a man tells this statement from Saint John in Red, “I am over one hundred twenty years now and I have outlived all the other Apostles. I remember the good times more that the bad times. I can barely remember Jesus’ death but I remember every word of the Sermon on the Mount like it was this morning.”

When you’re on the run
Do you know who won?
When you’re on the run
Can you still see the sun?
Do you still remember
The ladies on their bicycles said
“Have fun. You’ll remember having fun.”

The question remains the same.
The ladies aim was great.
If you had fun
They know you remember the Son.
I wish my sons to have fun.
When I hear them laughing together
Then I know they know I know
They will remember forever.

(Have Fun)


I guess this sounds like complaining about the commercialization of Christmas.  I think the Indianapolis 500 should be run on May Day and I think all the media should gather at the White House at 11 a.m. for a fifteen minute eulogy for Memorial Day.

It’s May Day
On this playful Sunday.
This is the day we remember our losses
To tough straw bosses
Demanding we don’t agitate
To better our fate.
We know in the long run
We will win another conflict
Chanting our prayer which says
Preserve our houses
In which we are all hallowed.
We know we can bargain
For our share of the improvements
Which build schools rather than fools
Who unnecessarily re-roof
Everything for which we have stood.
Let us celebrate rich paupers
On our day of thankfulness
Which our toiling has wisely preserved
And then weep when we sweep
The streets filled with the results
Of carpet baggers smart insults.
For instance let us lead the way
To sustainability which we owe Gaia
Each of us to the best of our ability.





Amateur poet armed with Cross and ‘Net Ripper works in this SOHO. (Modern Cross purchased from Shrine Sainte Anne.)
(I don’t know where the photo comes from so shhhhh!)