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Merry Christmas Raggedy Anne and everyone as well!!!!
‘The Circle Game’ – Joni Mitchell
Hard Times Are Over – Yoko Ono

The Christmas girls
Should give him a twirl.
Raggedy Andy smirks
As he dances with curls.

The Christmas guys
Should give her a try.
Raggedy Ann causes smiles
As she dances with the boys.

At Christmas time
We should give thanks
That a baby boy
Was born for our glory.

In the season of love
God released the Prince of Doves
That we may dance peacefully
With each other ceaselessly.

Just as we receive love
We no longer deceive love
When at Christmas time
We give our love.

“The Christmas Girls”
(November, 2006)

© 2010 Blue Seahorse Syndicate

Welcome to Night Desk Kiosk.


Disclaimer: Usually at the beginning of the websites I have had a disclaimer that says for example is a journalists’ resource where a journalist informs us by electronic broadcaster of something they think other journalists might want to know or they wish someone to point them to info about some occurrence – that is they need background on something. The Truth can match wits with anyone!I’m starting to have flashbacks. I just saw my web site name on a search engine ( August 2, 2022 My Cinnamon Blue (Megan Marie) and my Cinnamon Red (Michelle) have placed my poem “Beauty” on their website for awhile.

So the news with my Canela Rouge and Canela Bleu’s ladies movement where the Sisters and Lady Deacons give Homily Mass several times a week is expanding from their Church in Charlottetown. The Maritimes Parish has given them time in a Church near a university in Moncton and the same in Halifax. They tell me they are renting small Churches near two universities in Maine and two in New Hampshire as well.


A funny thing happened on my way to the forum – my social ‘night desk’ kiosk on the world wide neoNet became more influential than nuclear war! ‘Free speech’ is great if you can get it – to coin a phrase. neoNet has a few ‘free speech’ advocates who are probably wondering if they will ever be both free and non-profit.

School days, school days,
Who let our teachers out?
And why does our team pout
While the cheerleaders shout?
The Border Patrol is ferocious
Until our teachers return
From making urns in Sochi
Near the Olduvai Gorge
Then sun tanning on a barge
Near the Riviera shores.
Now they can search
For pictures of peach trees
We took of vacations
On manicured fairways
While golfing together always.
However now my smart phone
Doesn’t seem so smart always.
I once had read the military
At Cheyenne Mountain share the place
With many countries’ military aces.
On a Saturday afternoon
After driving through Flintstones village
I arrived at the road up Cheyenne Mountain.
The entrance was blocked by a sawhorse
With a sign that stated closed.
An airman in a gray pickup
Was parked behind the sawhorse.
I am still wondering
When remembering youthful wandering
How many times
I wouldn’t be able to construct a rhyme.

“Game of Trance”


Cal lifestyle dreaming

[madmaxer – getty images (ComputerWorld)] China was using chips from the world economy so their equipment would fit seamlessly into its niche. Now they will write kernels for their chips that fit seamlessly to the software in use by the world economy and the price in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America will bring them greater profitable advantage.
From EuroNews – apparently ‘computer room’ at a Euro company.

If you’re into keeping the Net free then you should know my sons are putting together a ring for those who would like to be agents for Interpol and neoNet Digital Technologies Associates affiliated “Internet Block Watch.” Check it out!

With all the talk about artificial intelligence in chatbots and cybersecurity the Internet is practically new. I have heard that the Navy is telling that their Internet is 2 GB per sec and is quite secure so they have been given the contract to manage all things Internet for the entire Federal government. Nice plum if its true!! My sons and I have gone to running 500 meg/sec lines now and we don’t get interrupted uploading to our websites and our workstations 2.5 GB Ethernet are working well. On the ‘What Is My IP Address’ site at 100 miles we are scoring 9 ms ping, 1 ms jitter. After the slow download times of just a few years back we sit and laugh now.

neoNet – the new Internet. It is more powerful than a nuclear weapon but it doesn’t do nearly the damage as it changes everything for the better.

I have been sitting here going through my Washington Post newsletters admiring the work of Jeff Bezos new employees of which there seems so many. Long ago when I lived in Houston I read the weekly version which the postman delivered so patiently.

So this morning I was speaking to tech support and it started me thinking about the California lifestyle again. You know, working for tech support in San Francisco (or Los Angeles.) I was thinking there must be a lot of people in Maine wishing to turn one of the bays north of Bar Harbor into San Francisco Maine and another one south of Bar Harbor into Los Angeles Maine – and then there are those who think San Francisco should be turned into Bar Harbor but I doubt there’s that much maple syrup.

Where should I put this observation on my website?

It’s a longer way from Tipperary to California than it has been since someone started to close the mental health underground railway from Massachusetts to California. Remember when the starstruck previously tried to move into tough neighborhoods like Oakland? It was a never ending laugh for the media!

I guess it’s true that Californians say that Massachusetts can happen to you anywhere but it’s a lot less likely for Massachusetts to happen to you in California.

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My sons have recommended distro Mageia 9 which is available now. They are happy because it is written in Qt5 and Python Qt which are really versatile and fast. Their website is Black Musket Insiders’ Scuttlebutt.

(WARNER BROTHERS) My caption:: Wyle E Coyote – F.I.B. Acme Co. door to door salesman – tries to impress a wary customer with his line of computer workstations. My sons and I have never doubted we had not met the top of the line of Dark Wader. Starting Friday we are sure of it. We hear that Sun Microsystems skunk works have designed components CPUs and Mainboards that are compatible with the rest of the gamers and search and retrieve hard ware plus are deadly for Wall Street spread sheets. It’s a much more affordable way to get a Sun workstation for your home workstation or entry workstation at work to go along with business servers. And then IBM heard that so have been working on similar equipment and an affordable version of OS2 Warp 4 so as to have an opening for small offices for Wall Street hands.

Jennifer Aniston and friend (Because of the white breast my sons think the bird is a 9 pound lady musket – sometimes referred to as a sparrow hawk but it is actually a kestrel. The male, mostly black, sometimes weighs 17 pounds and dives at 170 mph. [from info I found on the Net about 9 years ago – about 2014.]) The music for this beautiful photo is from Klaus Schulz’ masterpiece album “Mirage.” I imagine ‘Crystal Lake’ to be a tale of a white bear hunting men on a frozen lake.  It absolutely puts “Ride of the Valkyries” in its place.

  “Crystal Lake” — Klaus Schulz

So this photo has been on the front page of my website for nearly a year and I have discovered today May 10, 2023 that I forgot to tell everyone that the reason the early 1700’s farmers in Vermont and Quebec called this magnificent bird a musket rather than a kestrel or sparrow hawk is because they felt the bird was a more sure rabbit dinner than a pre-Revolutionary War rifle – the musket!!!

I am sitting around and daydreaming about poems I will write someday.

While I have been daydreaming Michelle and her sidekick Megan Marie have won recognition from the Church for a Christian spirited poem they have written.  Our family foundation INK Smudges Family Foundation has won recognition for the websites they are sponsoring and in which they are publishing.  Thanks guys – you’re great

So Star Trek is a huge world-wide phenomena.  I have some nominees for shows and movies that are a lot more plausible which I hope to add to my collection as well over the next year – “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “Wild, Wild West” and “The Avengers.”

I suggested to you some time back that you try hot chocolate and tea for your breakfast latte if you are a tea drinker rather than coffee as I am.  I wanted to tell you that I think some of the herbal teas are good for a latte as well.  For instance hot chocolate and St John’s wort tea or mint tea are good and they are very relaxing. As I pointed out in another place on this website St John’s wort is a precursor for serotonin, mint tea is a precursor for acetylcholine and chamomile helps brain cells expel the byproducts from thinking so much. I have three St John’s and peppermint latte’s and two chamomile (vanilla and honey version) refrigerated teas every day.


La Croix International 1000
La Croix International

Have a peaceful Easter 2023

“Jamaican Monk”  – Tangerine Dream

When I am in deep sleep
The music of three
Comforts me ever so
Even though I don’t know.
St John said the Lord spoke
‘Wherever there are two
There I will be as well.’
How do my three compare
With the Spirit of mankind?
Are they also kind
Not to interrupt my deep breathing
While oblivious to my dreaming
Knowing full well I will share
As my fare for their care.
I hear them laughing now
While they are whispering
Our mother claims our father
Is humanities second perfect example
For my dear claims poetry
Is a true believers last refuge.

(Wherever There Are Two)

In celebration God lets us realize we are free.

  “Chain Lightning” — Rush

  “Silver Scale” — Tangerine Dream

Let me spring forth
To ride the tranquil air currents
For all they are worth.
I am free in the sky
As in the sun I glide
Until I turn the tide
And make myself God’s pride.
What a ride it is
Being in touch with the Lord
In his open air cathedral
Where I often fall
But never strike the earth.
I proudly pray silently
That I enjoy abundant prey
For my family
While I bask in celebration
Of another strike for dinner.
We are not sinners
For eating well as we dwell
On the requirements of our Covenant.
How will I survive
Until I revive my lost innocence
That protected me
As before my family
I hunted the exhilaration of sport.


@INK Smudges

Welcome to the night desk kiosk personal website of a media freelancer. After seeing Bob Dylan in ‘The Last Waltz’ I always wanted a nice hat with a feather, then a couple of weeks ago while I was searching and retrieving on the Net I ran across Henri Henri in Montreal who apparently will ship to anywhere. I started writing websites as the Blue Seahorse in 2008. ‘night desk kiosk’ is my latest website and the name is almost a year old [Nov, 2023] I like listening to music on the neoNet on DI.FM, both sides of midnight on the CBC and [Caprice Radio – one of the pages notes that they get a lot of their music from the Chicago Art Ensemble of the Chicago School.] I like to read the Washington Post, Reuters, EuroNews, LeMonde English newsletter which often causes me to read other media. I like to look at the map in my WordPress website which notes that several countries in Euro have noticed my kiosk as well as Canada, Russia, India and China a number of times in China actually. I really am also a member of the Secret Society of Herbal Tea Drinkers and I imbibe at least St John’s wort and two or three peppermint and hot chocolate lattes tumblers (and sometimes a couple of tumblers of chamomile with honey and vanilla as well and Blackberry tea which helps the peppermint greatly make acetylcholine which in turn makes several brain cell activators) every day. Lately I have taken to wearing my top of the line wooden Audio-Technica heads to sleep listening to flute or cello music from which I awake organized and calm. Actually I must lock my best headphones in a large wooden box when I am not home. Let that mild statement be enough. My nom de guerre is ‘el Presidente’ but more germane my nom de plume is steve@inksmudges. Back in the day before the neoNet I actually owned a TV. My favorite quarterback is Terry Bradshaw who was so great and talked an even better game. Now my weapon is a number cruncher which is transforming into a machine that catches radrats for my sons and Interpol rather than hitting radrats with AMD 7900X3D, ‘ecc on die’ Gloway 2×32 GB 32-36-36-86 @5600, ASUS Prime X670E-Pro mainboard, Micron Crucial PCIe 5 @ 12,500 MHz ‘direct storage,’ ASRock AMD 7800 tx video. My display is my Philips 32″ Momentum for which I have a tinned copper DisplayPort cable at 80 GBs which connects at 48 GBs just like the HDMI 2.1 . My keyboard is an ASUS ROG Falchion and my mouse is Roccat Kain. My ethernet is AQantia 107(g). I have a SoundBlaster X3 for my heads with which I love to listen to the family jazz band INKSmudges Family Foundation. All of that and somehow I still get my best tips from claiming to be journalists with the good electronics broadcast aimed at my apartment. lol.

(I don’t know where the photo comes from so shhhhh!)