a.k.a. Muhammad Ali

“Coal Train” – Hugh Masekela

(Attestation: A true sportsman.)

Feint, feint to the right.
Feint, feint to the left.
Feint, feint to the lights.
Feint, feint to the wrong man.
Feint, sting the strong man.
Float, float to your corner man.

Butterfly flittering about
Always ready with a steady shout
Remembers those attending his bouts.
The greatest who lived and is
The greatest who tells his love
For his Greatest Who tells love.
Ready with a steady shout
Knowing what it really is about
Forgave the other corner’s shouts
Concerning what is never said
About all the war-torn dead.
On the ropes so often
Hoping the blows to soften
He nailed his man with stings
So straight and narrow they stung
Would be contenders for the top rung.
Butterfly flittering about
Raining stings which have softened
Our blows so very often
We can give you a steady shout,
“In our eyes and in our minds
You are the greatest ever
And who will ever come to mind!”

Feint the lights.
Feint the laughs.
Sting the strong man!
Float to your corner man!!

“The Bee”
(Written in the time of the greatest.)