[From Ecosia & Wikipedia] I worked on my novels while I lived in Vermont. When I needed a break I played tennis on my backyard court. I always wondered when the security horns on the cars I could hear would get closer. The funny thing was I heard the same thing was happening to some fellow living in Texas at the time. There was one time I had two friends over for tennis and they both complained that when they did their laundry at their apartment complex someone thought it proper locker room humor to throw a sock in with their wash loads. I told them that I knew they were not psychotic because a fellow I know in Texas told me that someone was throwing wads of electrical tape into his wash. Another of my acquaintances asked me to loan him a ten. He said he hated to ask since he has plenty of money in his bank account but when he was in California talking to his underassistant West Coast promo man the fellow started by telling him how patriotic he was and how he suffered proving it. Then he said that he had talked to my friend’s bank and he wouldn’t let him have any of his money till he gave him his cut of my friend’s money. I told that it might sound strange but there was an artist in Texas ….. …. …. Then I heard that the artist in Texas said that he made peace with Texas by showing them he had the courage of his convictions. He wrote the advertisement “Lone Star beer and Bluebonnet Ale – no place but the Southwest Conference.” So I have put the advertisement “Stolie – no place but Red Square.” “I had never wanted to leave Russia but the government got tired of my Noble Prize winning art and evicted me from not only Russia but the Warsaw Pact. I have been rehabilitated and I can now walk around Red Square again. A lot of people in the U.S. don’t know the story of John Wesley’s brother who was a General during the American Revolutionary War. As a Methodist to his brother’s religion he was not supposed to take foreign substances into his body – which means of course tobacco and alcohol. He sued the Federal government after the War for damages he claimed were done because he was force to drink whiskey with his meals while he was in the army. He was watched and they saw him leave for Montreal on business and followed him there. When he started back his pursuers raced to get to the border crossing ahead of him. When got there they told him he would never be allowed to return to America. He is reputed to be the only U.S. citizen to be ever de facto evicted or otherwise. However there is a Texas artist who is celebrated as being the only U.S. citizen who has never been informed by the government that he has been evicted. Apparently there is a lot of confusion among Americans about just when it was that he has been evicted.”

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