‘You need to learn about the joys of tobacco. I didn’t even have trouble with my first cigaret or the aroma of my first cigar! Start your kids early. I started in the 6th grade and finished first in high school. Tobacco just is not the slippery slope to abortions as kiljoys would have it! I am not. I am NOT having 40 years withdrawal from catastrophic injections of Haldol and Risperdal when gas when I was at the university.’ [Photo is borrowed from Peter Sellers as “Dr Strangelove.”][[I remember when I was in grade school there was a lot of hullabaloo about smoking. I told my mother she should not smoke. She told me to shut up. I never mentioned it to her again although my younger brothers and my grandmother did. Many years later after my mother had retired to Idaho I visited her. I noticed she wasn’t smoking. I asked her why. She said when she was younger she enjoyed smoking. About 5 or 6 years later I visited my mother again….. my mother was carrying an oxygen bottle and could barely breathe. I didn’t say a word.]]

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