{Ghost Ship}

My sons really like this poem and asked me to publish it.

“Nargan: a cave of spirits.” From the album Didgeridoo.

Tattered sails attest to abeyance in doldrums
Hanging listlessly in hot, humid suffocation.
A ghost ship manned by no one drifts
Without its crew of blue beards laughing
Near the shoreline making its last port of call.
Long lost in the swamp forest endlessly searching
Are buccaneers who have achieved youthful life
With no escape to age filled with memories.
A ghost ship has become a guest ship
Filled with numberless pairs of sea birds.
The decks are littered with the shells of gulls
Broken and discarded by seasons of hatchlings
Noisily demanding sustenance sustaining life.
A wooden man of war abandoned for youth
Has become a floating reef in a verdant bay
Where birds seek sanctuary for eternal birth.

Men seek to become fearless undefeated buccaneers
To always enjoy the fruits guaranteed youth
Quick and agile in all mankind’s contests.
Taunting and mocking while posturing opponents
They strut without the peacock’s plumage displays
Fulfilling nature’s requirements for successful contests.
A wooden man of war without sentient life aboard
Has been recovered near the sandy shore
Where men walked ashore departing a home of yore.
Abandoning their haven for a mysterious forest
Man’s quest for youth proved strong drink
For a crew of blue beards from the open sea.

Happily the birds float above the masts
For they have no mysteries pending outcome.
Existence guarantees their busy life preparing
Their chicks’ success in the coming challenges
Which they have just won on a wooden ghost ship.

“Ghost Ship”
(July, 2007)

© 2010 Blue Seahorse Syndicate