After seeing Bob Dylan in ‘The Last Waltz’ I always wanted a nice hat with a feather, then a couple of weeks ago while I was searching on the Net I ran across Henri Henri in Montreal who apparently will ship to anywhere. I started writing websites as the Blue Seahorse in 2008. I really am also a member of the Secret Society of Herbal Tea Drinkers and I imbibe at least two St John’s wort and peppermint tumblers (and sometimes a couple of tumblers of chamomile as well) every day. Lately I have taken to wearing my top of the line wooden Audio-Technica heads to sleep listening to flute or cello music from which I awake organized and calm. My nom de guerre is ‘el Presidente’ but more germane my nom de plume is steve@inksmudges. Back in the day before the Net I actually owned a TV. My favorite quarterback is Terry Bradshaw who was so great and talked an even better game. Now my weapon is a number cruncher which is transforming into a machine that catches radrats rather than hitting radrats with AMD 7900X3D, Dominator Platinum 6000 at 30-36-36-76 2×32 GB, ASUS Prime X670E-Pro mainboard, Micron Crucial PCIe 5 @ 12,500 MHz ‘direct storage,’

ASRock AMD 7900 xtx video. My display is a Philips Momentum 32″ (3840×2160) that my sons say on displayport can now display 16 radrats per second from the neoNET. My keyboard is an ASUS ROG Falchion and my mouse is Roccat Kain. My ethernet is AQantia 107(g). I have a SoundBlaster X7 for my heads with which I love to listen to the family jazz band INKSmudges Family Foundation.

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