“Just Friends”

“Faith” – Celine Dion

Sometimes we think
As a victim of creeping doubt
We are lost sinners.
But then our friends arrive
To be just friends again.
With our anxiety relieved
We think happily
We are always winners.

What if the shoe is on the other foot?
Are we a friend
Who can redeem a friend
From his doubts?
Or are we a fiend
Who just spreads the heat?
When we are summoned
By a lost sinner
Can we provide dinner
Without advice
And still be just a friend?

We are refreshed
As we court our blessing
With our partners
Who are just friends.
My love and I
Always seem to see eye to eye
As we go about our business
Of being just friends
Each helping the other
Celebrate their significant other.

When friends
Are just friends
They are always winners.

Just friends!
It doesn’t get
Any better than that.

(Just Friends)