Let’s talk turkey!

So here I am listening to this in really high fidelity on my headphones and what happens? A war happens!!!


Some ladies from the women’s group “femme” in Ukraine by what I call a ‘New York Times broadcaster’ told me in 2010 that the Klitschko brothers – the champion boxers – were the most popular Ukrainian politicians but I note I still cannot hear them after all this time. I notice however that they are the mayor of Kiev.

On April 25 there is the important rumor in the Euro presse that Interpol has intercepted neutron weapons being smuggled into Ukraine. Russia told the U.S. before the fighting began that if they were bombed with nuclear weapons from anywhere they were going to shoot the U.S. with nuclear weapons.  The Euro Union is asking their members to not let their territory be used for transport of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Another rumor I have heard is that the Russians discovered a warehouse in Poland with about 10,000 high powered computer workstations.  They are said to have turned the electricity off in the city and then absconded with about 9,000 of the workstations.  So what would a government do with all those workstations.  If the government relied solely on mainframes it would only take two or three attacks to put the government off line.  But if one had a couple of workstations in an Internet network in several thousand homes as long as the Internet was working the computer services of the government would be available even if a few hundred homes were damaged and the government could have considerable time to replace the missing workstations in the network.

On May 25 I note there is a report in the Washington Post that was formerly restricted by the military. They [the military] estimate that the Russians have been maintaining a blockade of food and other commodities in an out of Ukraine.  This morning I have heard that Russian radio is reporting Kiev has fallen because they [the Russians] are maintaining a food embargo into Kiev.  Then the host stated that Russia feels they can do the same to Warsaw and Helsinki when they wish. A lot of us feel that NATO played improperly and led Ukraine into a more recognizable untenable position with a cost of lives and property as a result.

“I dunno Michelle. I’m worried. Black Oak Clinton sold Ukraine an invisible curtain to replace the iron curtain.”

So now NATO moves to try to control Chinese expansion into open countries. The media in South Korea and Philippines tell the story that the U.S. put nuclear weapons in their countries at U.S. military stations located there about nine years ago but have only admitted doing so since the Russians have begun trying to annex Ukraine.

As an attempt to hurt the Chinese economy they have aimed coming restrictions at the Chinese computer and Internet industry.  The U.S. wishes that no one sell gold which is used in abundance in modern electrical equipment to China.  Will that work? Platinum works even better than gold and modern computer and Internet equipment using platinum that is compatible with world specifications is now on the assembly line for equipment destined for the Chinese government and I suppose in a few years for their public. So – how much platinum does China have? Reportedly more platinum than the U.S. has gold with which the U.S. tries to manipulate standards to U.S. desires.

July 16 –

The Russians are reporting in Europe that the purported union organizers with the Ukrainians are actually U.S. navy commandos. They claim that they have 40,000 prisoners of war and that the Ukrainians might have 3,000 prisoners of war.

The report is a big scandal with the everyday Europeans wanting to know how long their governments have had reports like that.

Sunday, July 31

I don’t doubt Jong il in North Korea if he says North Korea has an H-bomb but people listening in my apartment this morning are assuring me that the picture above is from Russia.

Three times in the past two months some camels have awakened me by yelling that a nuclear war had started in Ukraine as though I was kidding when I expressed caution  on both sides about making it alright to use little neutron bombs so that they would not need to suffer a lot military casualties.

On Russian radio in Moscow this morning the newscaster said that high officials in the Russian Federal government had told the United States to immediately recall their Navy commandos back to defend Germany from their positions in Ukraine and Poland.

So our host is playing “The Hardest Cut” now at 3 a.m. my time.

August 3, 2022

In behind the scenes reporting in Europe the younger men say that the U.S. decides who gets to widen their job search under E.U. employment rules to countries other than their own.  A high percentage of them state they will not honor a call up because the U.S. allowed one and a half million  men from Ukraine their full E.U. privileges that they had promised them when Ukraine membership was finalized.

August 4

I could hear my lady Michelle for several minutes this morning. She said that President Macron of France said that he was asking tourists and business interests around the world to cancel trips to Europe indefinitely – from Stockholm to Athens. It’s his opinion that both sides are making unreasonable demands.

August 8

I hear that the Moscow newspaper Pravda (Truth in English) bought space in the major newspapers in Kiev, Warsaw, Helsinki and Stockholm for publication this morning and the papers actually ran the Pravda supplied news articles.

August 17

A man who said he was in Canada now broadcast into my apartment this morning said that he was in Germany last week said that Russian radio is still giving a different account of the war in Europe.  They claim that Russia has 380,000 troops in Ukraine and have encircled Kherson and Odessa and were setting up encirclements of Dnipro and Poltava.  They are going to cut access to and from those cities. He said that President Macron of France had told the Russians that Germany is with France and that the French army had been putting in emplacements on the German – Polish border.

August 22

Let’s talk turkey!!

Do the ladies think I am a threat to their suffrage with a picture of a couple of clowns at the bottom of my home page here?

The U.S. long said that they could win a war of attrition with the rest of the United Nations. Before Russia invaded Ukraine the Ukrainians would not let the U.N. inspect for nuclear arms – but now they are asking for U.N. inspectors.

The Russian message seems to be that they can win a war of attrition after all. Russian fighter jets with hypersonic missiles have reportedly buzzed Kyiv, Warsaw and Ramstein (U.S. air base and hospital in Germany) showing that they can do that without nuclear weapons.

The U.S. is flying drones over Crimea showing the Russians they can stealthily deliver neutron weapons with no trace.

And what might I ask are the Chinese doing besides telling Taiwanese companies to move their goods by way of poor Filipino businessmen for a good mark up on the way to the U.S.

I love my workstation which can search and retrieve on the Net as fast as anything – though I admit that a Sun Japanese-American SPARM (Sun Prototype ARM CPU I think I am hearing) can run a NAVY economist’s vector spread sheets making sure the fluctuations on the Cincinnati breakfast cereal commodities market are still predictable every morning at least twice as fast as mine could.

August 25 –

Someone with a journalist’s newsbroadcaster is telling me this afternoon that RT [Russia Today I think] is reporting today that the Russian military has ordered the workers at the nuclear plants in Ukraine to conduct orderly shutdowns of the nuclear electric generating stations in Ukraine, but they are refusing to do so.

August 28 –

I have heard that the first anti-war demonstration of the season happened Friday in Cambridge near the Harvard Kennedy School of Government which is about a third of a block walk from the Harvard Sq subway entrance.

‘We’re from California’ the protesters were reported to have announced. They said that no one protested war in New York last time but they did in California – they stayed home and didn’t vote.

When I think of modern warfare I think about an interview I saw with Yassar Arafat some years ago. The interviewer asked him if it was true there was such a think as an Arab bomb. He that yes it is true. He was then asked why he didn’t have nuclear capabilities. He said that his Arab brothers told him he couldn’t have the bombs because if he had them he would actually use them. The interviewer then asked Mr Arafat if it was true that if he had nuclear weapons he would use them. He smiled and said, “Yes!”

Sept 3 –

A man with an Arabic sounding voice says he is a newscaster in Saudi Arabia. He is happy to see that I seem to be getting news articles from the Washington Post which means my computer must be as fast on the Internet as U.S. government computers which are trying to trick my computer into downloading news articles from National. That’s means that my computer can run financial vector spread sheets about half as fast as Saudi business workstations do – which they buy from France and Germany. He says the shortage of natural gas in Euro will felt in the U.S. as well since a huge part of the liquefied natural gas being sent to New York and Massachusetts terminals will continue to be sent to their Euro business associates instead.

September 14, 2022

I am told this morning that Radio Free Europe is reporting that the Russians are using British Police Smoke in Ukraine.

It purportedly can cause a 300 lb man to fall unconscious for three hours. When that happens the Russian soldiers are said to be rushing in and handcuffing members of the Ukraine army.

Late Sept 23 –

About three days previous a woman some distance from downtown Odessa took pictures with her smart phone. She didn’t want to be seen with her phone so she put her phone away and then saw a Russian police car when she was some ways closer. The photos jumped around from Romania and landed in the U.S. tonight I am told. The photo shows that there are no buildings taller that three stories.

Oct 1, 2022 –

The news this morning is purportedly from ‘Bild’ (a German magazine.)

They state the Quebec government of Premier LeGault has helped 12 Baltic republic high tech companies and 10 Taiwanese high tech companies open North American sales and engineering offices in Quebec and the Maritimes.

Bild notes during the past three weeks that there are 100,000 Ukrainian men in both Germany and Britain claiming neutrality in the Russian – Ukrainian war. They go on to state that there are up to 150,000 Ukrainian men who have taken ’employment’ with the Polish military.

They go on to say that 50,000 Ukrainian men have joined the Russian army.

Oct 21, 2022

So Euro media say they hate to get ahead of U.S. media in reporting the war in Ukraine but they will when U.S. media strategically omits crisis in Ukraine before U.S. elections in a couple of weeks.

President Putin on Russian media has stated several times recently that Russian can now support four front lines against a Ukrainian front line like the one near Odessa. }|

They note that Russian has been shooting cruise missiles into U.S. military storage areas in Poland and have said that NATO should be prepared for similar strikes on similar storage areas in Germany.

Russian is also said to be demanding in Russian media that the United Nations admit that when Yulia Tymoshenko was Prime Minister of Ukraine circa 2009 that Russia began adopting Russian speaking citizens and their families that Ukraine was demanding vacate their homes for other citizens.

Nov 5, 2022

So what does the Euro media say about the Ukraine situation just a couple of days before the mid-term elections? For instance I hear that Bild and LeMonde are reporting.

On Friday 250 cruise type missiles with 2500 lb warheads hit Kyiv despite being fired at by several “Iron Dome” anti-missile emplacements. Today the estimate was 400 more of those type missiles.

My media has been ‘quoting’ Zelensky of Ukraine as saying that Russia is running out of ammunition!!!!

Nov 13, 2022

So we had elections 5 days ago.

I’ve been afraid to turn my workstation on so far. I’ve not wanted to see whom the Christian Science Monitor in their wisdom from their offices in downtown Boston have appointed to office.

Nov 15, 2023

So reports are difficult to get for news about the media in Russia, but it is reported that talk radio in Moscow and St Petersburg have callers insisting that Ukrainians that don’t want Russians who have been living in Ukraine since World War 2 should move back to Poland.

Jan 15, 2023

It is Rev Martin Lutheran King’s birthday today!! Although the day of remembrance is the third Monday in January every year.

So I have been wondering what class of electronic equipment [lend lease or first class] NATO has spent 20 years putting into the Russian designed equipment left from the Cold War years in Ukraine. Last night I thought I heard someone say that talk radio in Russia was talking about the claim that Russian paratroopers landed in a large storage depot in Poland where there was an enormous amount of armored troop carries of both Russian and NATO design intended for Ukraine. The paratroopers are reported to have cut the electronic equipment out of them and then escorted the semi truck and trailers back to Belarus.

And so on.

Jan 25, 2023

So this morning we were inundated with stories of Germany giving approval of the use of Leopard 2 tanks in Ukraine. No one mentions the fact that the U.S. is purported to have over 1000 Leopard 3 and Leopard 4 tanks which have updated numbers by virtue of the U.S. putting updated electronics and a longer range cannon on their versions.

Then this afternoon I am told that Match Radio in Euro is reporting twice so far that a rocket has landed in the capital of each of Germany, Poland and Sweden who have all now signed contracts with Ukraine for a couple of battalions each of Leopard 2 tanks.


I’m a Church lady and am I ever glad we finally have a Supreme Court that believes in God.  I never wanted or want to be told I have to have an abortion.

Now what about my pocket book.  I don’t see how I’m ever going to buy computers for both Massachusetts and Berkeley.

My news Internet needs help.  I heard that West Coast CNN has been making phones calls to talk radio in San Francisco about Governor Mills.  We only have what’s his name’s brother saying things like, “Kelly Ayotte? Who’s that. I’ve never heard of her.” I heard she said that since the staff replacements at East Coast CNN she has straightened out the false stories about her and she’s planning on running for the House of Representatives. I haven’t heard any news about our Susan Collins since it was LePage 39%, Cutler 36% and some Massachusetts democrat 19%.

War, war, war. Endless war. Which came first – the chicken or the egg? National should put their hands in the air. We’re the real Minnesota state prison hospital multiphasic exam ‘too smart’ top 50! All Trump said about the media is that National embellishes his public comments and that Hunter does more deals with billionaires money than he does.

I’ve been huddling with my friends and we’re ready to make our predictions for the 2024 elections.  All we need to make good is two more years of this crappe diem.  Independents 40%, Biden and the Navy 30% to 35% and Trump with his right wingers 25% to 30%. I get so excited when I hear in the radio background that 30% of California voters want to hear possible candidates speak about running as West Coast Independents and that 10% to 12% of voters from Houston to Gainesville would like to hear possible candidates speak about running as Gulf Coast Independents.

I am very sympathetic to Michelle as I know that both the swaggers and union swaggers would like to force divestiture of her husband Steve for various self-interests.  Sometimes I can hear them threatening her gruffly.

I continue to peruse the media hoping for a comment from a newly minted Independent named W.  No one seems to remember that both Al Goreleoni and John-John Kierry sued W in Florida and Ohio for recounts and still are hailed as President by demos at Demo fund raising get togethers. Jeb is the true conservative of the family and made a good name for himself by turning the U of Florida into the Floridian U of Texas at Austin. W was a good sheriff.  He arrested more terrorists than he assassinated. 

Members of the “Ring” purportedly report that they had their pictures taken near the White House by the Secret Service on four occasions when it smelled a lot like police pepper aerosol when W occupied the premises. The Ring is reported to be a VPN actuated network on the public Internet that provide a fact finding service to various clients with their unlimited membership in the Harvard library system.

I was a teacher so I know that someone borrowed psychology terms when they came up with ‘Critical Race Theory.’ Teachers massage the rind of the brain so students develop a more advanced critical judgment
and they don’t just make it with who they meet on the street. The term is ‘Critical Acceptance Theory’ and improving a student’s critical faculties helps them judge who they will accept in their inner circle – or personal friendship – and who they will accept in their work group or political party or union. Those people who have been yelling ‘Critical Race Theory’ are cloaking trying to hide an attempt at making someone subservient – like what you read happening to Steve at nightdeskkiosk.

Daily Mail

We’re still doing it the same way — just three times as fast!

These early submarines unfortunately were not flown by HAL 9000 workstations.  I’m not going to test my AMD 5000 series ‘Net ripper workstation and photo-like Philips display by throwing them off of a three story building and I’m sure they’re faster than an ex-President’s HAL 9000 workstation. AND my hundred dollar a year subscription to the Washington Post and New Yorker are even more tech oriented than a two pound a day subscription to the London Times premium edition.

Now here is the funny part of my comment – my kiosk is free!