(Much Such)

So I have a few camels pretending to be idiot savants yelling at me in my apartment on journalists’ broadcasters from I don’t know where. (Remember Lord Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than to get into Heaven!)

Think how absurd it is that someone committing indecent assault to effect an attempt at premeditated forced divestiture thinks he is a savant. His only existence is the burning rubber and tobacco stench and the calls to talk radio.

I have a brain
Which though inundated
Allows me to think
Then rethink my latest!
The rain falls on insane
Because another word
Allows me to consider
What I might be when absurd.
Long, long it was
Before I came again
To such a word as such!
Such such must be rich
Or what can I think
When I am thinking again
About such an absurd word
As much such!

Doesn’t one when thinking
About the word absurd
When it was a very happy word
Consider the alternative
That such imbues absurdity –
A niche under the sister sun
And the howling moon
Last seen before the conclusion
Of both antebellum and postbellum!

(Much Such)