National Security Agency 001

I have seen this photo several times in the past 6 years I think including twice this past week in the Washington Post newsletter ‘Cybersecurity 202.’ In circa 2000 my Internet connection was ISDN over a telephone line. It had two 64 kilobit channels and every time I started my browser it automatically sent my password then logged me into the system. It was so trouble free and solid. All the providers I have had since only offer on open line that is always on.

I play 12th man for my sons [need to know basis.] They monitor the web as for instance Microsoft and IBM do. They also have about a dozen friends in Maine and New Hampshire whose workstations’ Internet they monitor. My sons are building confidence with the Linux Ring and Interpol. They also are competing for professional prestige on the open market for their LLC Black Musket Technologies which they hope will develop into a major Internet Security company as well as other services.

About 12 years ago a dozen of Michelle’s friends with business degrees wanted to start a computer services company and wanted to know where to start to provide security against computer hackers. I told them they needed to know that most hacking is done through human interfaces rather that being able to break into an Internet connection. I used the famous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick as an example. He researched the companies that he thought were taking in a lot of bank cards for sales and then wandered around inside the companies until he had the opportunity to wander into the secure areas of the companies.  Then he asked tape vault clerks for certain tapes he thought would have the bank data on them. Then he walked out of the buildings with the tapes to hotel rooms that he had rented and searched the tapes for the bank data. Then he went shopping sending orders for about 50 or 100 ‘friends.’ I told them they needed to ally themselves with a police department and write software that would enhance what their police associates were doing. They live in Canada and I think they were able to make to make contact to security services at the Montreal police department.

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