“Colonel here NATO Talk Radio Talkback. I have two months off after two years patrol and not seeing ANY Pravda Talk Radio. I am heading for Acapulco, Mexico with a week interviewing on Austin’s West by Southwest share of Silicon Hiway 35 on the way down and a week interviewing on Fort Worth’s share of West by Southwest Silicon Hiway 35 on the way back. Wish me luck. I’ve been piloting for NATO Talk Radio for 20 years.” NATO Talk Radio, “Is everyone still having fun? NATO Talk Radio of course is a brainchild of the Globe. When Killingsworth left Texas for Ohio we knew it was seriously time to watch him in public. When he went to Wisconsin we stepped up our coverage and issued make work for him. Then of course he went to Burlington and we wrote plainly that we were accusing the women of putting Killingsworth in the garbage can so they could come back later and get him for their team. We’re good! We make phony police calls on anyone who gets near Killingsworth – on National and the Times and even Big Benson. It’s unbecoming of Killingsworth to say he’s subject to having his neuroleptics flushed from his brain regularly and then imbibing herbal tea to supply the precursors for more brain neuroleptics.” Killingsworth, “Oh, look! Another picture of another U.S. that no matter who’s funding can only be flown by an American or British.” “So I got up this morning at 3:30 a.m. and when I was heard up and around in my apartment there was immediately a harley davidson aircraft carrier flyby. I notice usually when someone who isn’t with them starts broadcasting into my apartment.”——-So our Colonel friend says that his first interview in Austin went exceedingly well. The tech support V.P. told him if he would join the Southwest SWC Conference there would be an endless barrel of money to put on his debit card.

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