Strategic Ambiguity

“Piano Concerto for the Left Hand” – Maurice Ravel

He should have been!
He was that good – that great.
Once there was a player
Who was so good he was great.
He did not make the wall
The first time he just lost time.
But the last time
He garnered voters for all time.
He now is a shiny new dime.
He was that good – that great.
He should have been
So he must have been
And so for all time he is!

(An Epitaph)

In the days of old
Before the days of yore
Men stood on the seashore.
They dreamed of stars
While wishing they could become astronomers.
These men were ever so clever
Building celestial observatories
From centuries of record keeping
Which predicted returning seasons
Based on their scientific reasoning.
Whose military medical orderlies
Kept the best records for long centuries
Before they were armed with slings
And bronze bows with cat gut strings.
I seem to have had so much trouble
Several thousands of years later
Following in their foot steps
As civilization raced across the steppes
Before landing on the moon.
Advancing technological prowess
Is still with us while our best
Spend their time at universities
Studying man’s inhumanity to man.
Why do you treat me so
I would like to know
Yelling at me your strident tune
As I sit quietly in my room
Touring the world on the Internet.
I was not born yesterday
But I hear you much better
Since ‘ringleader’ you said.