Strategic Patience

“Until When” – Hugh Masekela

Public opinion’s “strategic patience” remains to be proved.

Will the public’s opinion continue to put up with camels or will they ask that my website be warehoused as the camels are doing??

The camels are railing that they are representing the working man, but then why don’t the camels appreciate my poem “Gaia”?

It’s May Day
On this playful Sunday.
This is the day we remember our losses
To tough straw bosses
Demanding we don’t agitate
To better our fate.
We know in the long run
We will win another conflict
Chanting our prayer which says
Preserve our houses
In which we are all hallowed.
We know we can bargain
For our share of the improvements
Which build schools rather than fools
Who unnecessarily re-roof
Everything for which we have stood.
Let us celebrate rich paupers
On our day of thankfulness
Which our toiling has wisely preserved
And then weep when we sweep
The streets filled with the results
Of carpetbaggers smart insults.
For instance let us lead the way
To sustainability which we owe Gaia
Each of us to the best of our ability.



Sunday, July 10

And hallowed be Thy Name!


“Good Friday” – July 22nd


Today is “good Friday” for us. We’re going to start hitting at Michelle and your kids computers again like we do you. We have moved from safe houses in Bangor and Augusta to safe houses in Rhode Island where we have access directly to Internet trunk lines where we can hit Bangor and Charlottetown with impunity. Your sons and the new Interpol Internet Security Project for the United Nations won’t be of any effect on what we do.


Several ladies just heard him yell this into my apartment, “I hate women. They say he’s smart because he writes good poetry.”

Sunday, July 24, 2022


No one who supports homosexual rights is a draft dodger. National agrees with us. You deserve to be told by Navy medical personal like us that you are homosexual.

Woman camel:

We are sorry we didn’t catch you. That’s our apology – and we are not going to put it on the New York Times.


You say “over’s” over and over.


July 28th

Lady Doctor:

I majored in pre-med at Wellesley and graduated as a doctor from Boston Univ Medical School. Every year almost a dozen men just graduated from high school in the U.S. are said to have lost their way and the men are given carte blanche to help them find their way. Almost none of them get the treatment Steve has received. Virtually everything the camels have said to Steve over the years is a calculated lie and some of it is just designed to try to hit someone with Steve’s websites. The men who read Steve’s website know who I am and have had the police stop my car several times when I tried to visit him for an interview and news of his wife and their children and what their foundation Ink Smudges has done.


September 7th, 2022:


One of the camels who yells at me must be drunk tonight. Listen to what he just said:::::

‘You’re entitled to your computer, you’re entitled to your headphones, you’re entitled to your display, you’re entitled to copies of your poetry and you’re entitled to tell your readers that someone identifying themselves as a journalist just broadcast into your apartment that you should think about this info or story the journalist laid on you!!!’


September 9th –


So a woman camel is making accusations to me and objecting to the fact that my sons can hear her and have attorneys. She claims that they – my sons – are mental just like I am because they make statements supporting me on their website (which I cannot see on my Internet.) Her claims about us fall away because the police where they live keep them – my sons – from being subject to aerosols provided to associates of the woman camel. She has been pretending on the below the threshold of hearing broadcast into my apartment to be Michelle for several hours this afternoon while Michelle’s attorneys ask me to let my sons make the replies.


September 15, 2022


So I hear that in the background on Euro radio today that the Russians claim that there are thousands of NATO paratroopers with the Ukrainian army about 60 miles southwest of Kharkov this morning. They say that the Russian troops are smiling now because they have been told that the Russian police think it’s time for the Ukrainian army to “get small” as the Boston Globe puts it when they do that in the U.S.


September 18th shortly after midnight


After getting put on by camel since noon yesterday I finally got the Euro news report – there has been very heavy combat at Odessa for eight or nine days. The Russians report they are occupying the three Ukrainian nuclear power plants and are decommissioning them so that NATO won’t have a reason to bomb them.


September 20th, 2022


My Michelle’s attorneys have asked her to announce on my website that Michelle has won all of her positions in World Court and all positions have defeated all possible appeals. The United States lost all charges of providing logistics for the persons supporting false charges and false statements of providing medical care which includes all the statements that they represented all the medical personnel who have met me.