NATO Talk Radio to home, “Are you sure Pravda Talk Radio has been clocked over the Baltic at 2650 knots or two phalanxes flew over Kyiv without getting hit? I seem to easily maintain position.” Pravda talk radio, “May I but in now. I have some interesting rumors from around the open rack pyre.” NATO talk radio, “NO, NO, NO! You don’t ever get to talk!!!” Pravda talk radio, “All is fair in love and talk radio! I hear that Steve’s sons and their friend at Dartmouth are Linux top three workstation computer science and they’re only university students. At Pravda talk radio we hear they are good enough for our top twenty!” “I am hearing lately that it’s Blinken who calls and says he’s warming up the helicopter the Navy sent for Osama bin Laden. I always jest by telling him ‘likewise I’m sure.'”

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