The Secret Society of Herbal Tea Drinkers

So I have a few camels pretending to be idiot savants yelling at me in my apartment on journalists’ broadcasters from I don’t know where. (Remember Lord Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than to get into Heaven!) Think how absurd it is that…

“Gardens in the Rain” – Tomita’s version

We are the free thinkers
Because we are herbal tea drinkers.
We don’t drink it by the cup –
We drink fragrant teas by the pound
Especially when our friends come around.
We expound and expound our ideas
Because our friends are free thinkers as well.
When we are drinking our favorite mint
We don’t dwell on which well
Our boiling bubbling steaming water
Has come while we regale
With the new found sentient thinkers
We just invited to our secret society.
Is there life on Mars we ponder
Or is it found in the liquid atmosphere
Of the super giant moon Ganymede.
If chamomile is your mead
You would already know we tell our fellows.
There is nothing dowdy about our rowdiness
Even though we write our favorite poetry
And not limericks designed to cause falling bricks.
After a mug of St. John’s wort
We dream the dreams of our youth
Sleeping well past old age
Since free thinking pays the bills of our voyages.
It has been so long since we were voyeurs
We have forgotten the pain of sleepless nights
Before we were our ladies favorite knight
After hanging our armor for the night.
The morning brings us the light
We need to bring our black tea to a boil
That we may once again begin our quest
To bring truth forward from random words.
Our secret society is not a secret
While our free thinkers thoughts untangle secrets.
One for all and all for one is our motto
As we bask in the glow of another cup of herbal tea.

(The Secret Society of Herbal Tea Drinkers)