(WARNER BROTHERS) My caption:: Wyle E Coyote – F.I.B. Acme Co. door to door salesman – tries to impress a wary customer with his line of computer workstations. My sons and I have never doubted we had not met the top of the line of Dark Wader. Starting Friday we are sure of it. Someone put together a dozen workstation rings each with a dozen workstations and they have been attacking my sons’ ring of which I am a part. We only said that we were running as fast as the neoNet would but while being attacked we are running about 95%. I wanted a good machine to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey on as well as not get interrupted while working on my website and reading the news media and listening to music. Dark Wader according to my sons is running IBM workstations that are running 1.8 times our speed and has NVMe’s that run 18,000 MHz and Gen 5 video cards. The owners appear to have ported Microsoft’s Edge browser to AIX operating system. So I’ve always said it’s nice work if you can get it. [[A new day:: There is some commotion regarding the browser. It is being said that the browser is called Double Edge because with a click it changes to one widow with two pictures inside each with it own controls. The Chromium ‘Fold’ will do that as well but the monopoly commission has blocked Google from releasing it until the other browsers were ready. Seems Google has yet to be informed that duplex browsers can be distributed now.]] So this morning I asked my sons what they really thought and they said they thought the diatribe was from talk radio in California in the Midwest. They think they were using workstations with the workstation version of Itanium CPUs and they were probably running the workstation version of Windows Pro which someone told me a few years back costs about $2500. So I had bought a Micron Crucial ‘direct storage’ NVMe and the best AMD version of Corsair Dominator Platinum and I have them both installed now. I also installed the latest version of AQantia 107 ethernet so I am running prettier fast on the neoNET. Ping from Brewer to Portland, Maine is 11 ms and jitters is 1 ms and my NVMe is running 12,250 meg / sec even while the talk radio talk is hitting my workstation.

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