Young Person’s Corner

“The Engulfed Cathedral” – Tomita’s version.

Fold me into a knot
But forget me not.
Unfold me now
So I can realize
I have become a flower
That has the power
To delight for hours.

Fold me into an accordion
That can breathe as a wreathe
Or even a dandelion.
If I were just crystal
I could light the ball
Being held in the dining room
That my admirers not fall.

Now fold this crepe paper
Which is ready to catch fire
When expanded into a grand dragon
As the little ones make me a flyer
Running hither and thither
On the lawn till dawn
Then fly me again in the moonlight.

Origami is an art shared with artists
For our amazed delight.
Fold the paper like this you said.
But we did we said.
Show us again we asked
But now may we ask again?


“My husband
Is a very fine mouse,”
Sings mother mouse.
“Megan, come to the kitchen.
I need help
With all the cooking
Of pumpkin and spice
Treats that we make
That just cannot be beat.
When we’re finished
Stirring up treats
We’ll be famished
And we can start
Stirring together
Pumpkin seed and spice
Stuffing for our bird.
Our turkey will be
Aromatic in the extreme
With nutmeg.”

Megan mouse burst into the kitchen
Where she began inspection
Of the pumpkin and spice
Treats like pudding.
“Mother, will we have
Pudding with our lunch?”

Mother mouse exclaimed,
“It is just ten o’clock.
You just had breakfast
At eight o’clock.
Your father is taking
The afternoon off so
We can have our turkey
About two to three o’clock.
We think that a
Holiday turkey dinner
On All Saints Day
Is a much better idea
Than running around the neighborhood
Asking for treats.
Can you cut the provolone
Into chunks and mix
The cheese chunks with the cornbread crumbs
And the pumpkin seeds
And nutmeg?”

“I can do that mother.
I’m getting really strong
Now that I’m in the fourth grade.
I’m going to be really hungry
By two to three o’clock.
Father said he would
Bring almonds for the pudding.
I think a holiday meal
On All Saints Day
Is a great way
To start count downs
To Christmas and New Year’s Day.
May I baste our turkey
With you help, mother?”

“Now Megan, basting
Is hot enough to burn someone.”

“Mother, may I fill our turkey
With our secret stuffing?”

“Yes, you may Megan.
Then would you set our platter
On the kitchen table?”

“I’m home my beautiful wife
And my just as beautiful daughter.
Megan, may we drink hot chocolate
So we don’t get hungry before three o’clock?”

“Thank you my dear father.
Our bird will need to start cooling
by two-thirty.
You should come into the kitchen
So you can smell the stuffing.
Did you remember the almonds?”

“I sure did.
I remembered eggnog also.
I hope the revellers
Like the paper carnations
That we have for them
Rather than trick or treat candy.”

“The mouse of the house
Is well pleased
With the pumpkin stuffing.
Megan still ate more stuffing
Than I did.
By the time we have tidied
The kitchen we will be hungry
For a glass of eggnog.”

“My father!
Three families have stopped
To knock with our door knocker.
They are so happy
With the paper carnations
We’re giving for everyone.
I have been reminding
Our friends
That it is just 55 days
Until it is time for our next bird
For our Christmas Day celebrations.”

(All Saints Day)

Bark bowser! Bowser! Bark!
Bark! Bowser bark!
If only your bark
Was worse than your bite
We would never fight –
We would always see the light
Before we were taken by fright.

Spark flint! Flint! Spark!
Spark! Flint spark!
If only your spark
Was fire rather than just light
We would never be frightened
On even the darkest night
Without a trace of moon light.

We must be quite a sight
Sitting in the darkness
Of the darkest night
With not even fire light.
Still I see the sparkle
From your eyes in the darkness.
I know when danger flares
You will see what I cannot
Because you are still and quiet –
A great hunter on dark nights.

(On Even the Darkest Night)

There once was a mouse named Minute.
He was named Minute for he was small
And not because it took him a minute
To run across my paper pad.
Minute always wished to be a mathematician
So he could count how many mice would be made
Before a mouse was made who could make lemonade
After the cat celebrated one of his tirades.
Minute had lost several friends
When the cat for dinner had them braised
After the cat had success in one of his tirades.
Minute was sure he needed to know ‘game theory’
To calculate all the variables to make his prediction.
Minute knew that no mouse had made lemonade
After the cat grabbed him by the tail
Then started laughing while he teased and played.
Still Minute could see that many more mice had been made
Despite the cat’s frequent tirades.
Then one day it finally happened – the cat grabbed Minute’s tail.
The cat teased Minute by poking him then hissing in his face.
The cat seemed to lose interest after awhile.
Then the cat walked away in a huff muttering, ‘You’re too small.’
Minute laughed in relief then began work on his lemonade stand
To set up at the mice farmers’ market on Sunday afternoons.

(Game Theory)